Welcome to Bill Cooke Web Design.  I has been creating cutting edge websites for companies and individuals since 1998. Back then in the early days things were simple. A good design and some nice graphics could get your company a first class web presence and let customers know  you were serious about business. These days things have changed a lot. While the design and layout of your website are still critical there is so much more that goes into a web presence for a company trying to compete in this well developed market place. From social media to SEO, I can help guide you though what it takes to really thrive and grow your business through the internet. 

Social Media Presence

Every business HAS to have a solid website these days, there is just no way around that anymore. If we go beyond that you can really take advantage of some exciting opportunities with social media to help grow your customer base and your bottom line.  In many ways things are so much easier than ever before but you can make some pretty big mistakes that can cost you dearly. Let me help you build a custom social media strategy that will actually benefit your business. You don't need to know anything about twitter or Facebook to get started and it's not nearly as much work as you'd think. We'll build a strategy together that you can live with that shows the world why they need you and what you have to offer.

Just email me at me@bill-cooke.com and tell me a little about what you are looking for.  I'm offering a Free, no obligation consultation for your business, group or just for your own personal website or blog. I'll be happy to discuss all your options and how I would help you. If you like what I have to offer then great. If not at least maybe I can help you explore all the exciting possibilities the web has to offer.

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